LB crashed on me today, no crash dialog

I had Lightburn crash on me today, which is a super rare occurrence.
No crash dialog box, no kiss goodnight, it just closed up shop and left without notice.

I dragged in a photo of some greasy hardware and was drawing some shapes over it so I could make gaskets.
I was messing with the red shape which started out by making some smaller shapes and welding them together. At one point I had 3 items selected and hit weld and all objects on the red layer disappeared.
I figured “well, I didn’t do that right” and hit ctrl+Z and bam, Lightburn closed without warning.

I muttered an obscenity and reopened the saved file (which was not in the “Recent Projects” list) and it opened fine and I finished with no further problem.
It was a very simple vector drawing with a kind of big photo behind it so I assume it didn’t like the photo or something.

I know, I know, Linux Mint isn’t supported. But a LB crash is so rare and unexpected for me that I had to mention it anyway…

LB 0.9.22 (2021-03-21 @ 16:44)
Linux Mint 20.1
Intel i7-10700K, 32GB RAM

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