LB Galvo with Macbook Pro not outputting what's on screen

Created a 40mm square box on LB using Macbook Pro (Monterey). When framing, box is actually 40mmx53mm. Works fine with PC software on same laser (OMTech 30watt). Don’t know what setting I’m missing that causing the size change between LB and laser framing.

*Update - It appears to be an issue with the Galvo Configuration scaling. I chose Galvo 2 as the X-axis, but require scaling. When I put the scaling number in, it only scales the X-axis, not the Y-axis. Therefore at 100%, the box is square. At 83.85%, the box is a tall rectangle. The X-axis is 40mm, but the Y-axis doesn’t scale. Is this a bug?

LightBurn has multiple spaces you need to set correct dimensions with to ensure galvo output is dialed in as much as possible.

The first space is the Device Settings “Field” Size, in the top left. These dimensions for a galvo are typically associated with a lens dimension, and may vary slightly as your height of the machine’s head to the work plane may vary if slightly out of focus.

The next place is one you’ve mentioned prior, the Galvo 1 / Galvo 2 adjustments. These are compounded with the field size listed above, and there’s individual scale, bulge, skew, and trapezoid for each one, as every galvo behaves, scales, and calibrates slightly differently.

Only seeing one adjust, and not the other typically indicates that you need to adjust the scales for both. These numbers may also be different, as our staff saw scale adjusted quite a bit between the discrete galvo heads of a single laser.

Thanks, Kim. I figured it out. I wasn’t setting the Y axis on the configuration. I was incorrect in my assumption about each of those sections. It’s all good now. Appreciate your comments.


Glad you got it working, happy lasing!

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