LB License Key Order, Where is my updated key I ordered?

Order ID: 8037

Can you check my order. I did not receive my key renewal instructions.



I am confused by this question. When you placed your order, did you see this?

Here is how I answered this same question just a few hrs ago.

Ok got it. Thanks

I understood the license was a permanent one. If you wanted updates that was extra. My lightburn will not open without upgrading. I don’t want to upgrade now. How do I get it to work without the upgrade?
From the lightburn website.

You pay once, the software will work forever as long as you have your license key.

From our announcement of the release of version 0.9.05.

First things first - License renewals, and an apology

It was brought to our attention that a few expired licenses had caused LightBurn to stop working for some customers, and it seemed they were being forced to renew. This was never our intention, so to correct that, this release will work for any customer, whether your license expired before it was released or not. Of course we’d love it if you choose to renew to continue getting new features, but it should be your choice.

The license screen has been updated a bit to make it clearer that an expired license is still a valid one, and to improve some other functionality and messages.

Have you tried installing this version?

Thanks for the quick response. The new version works. Thanks

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