LB licensing is the bane of my existence!

Let me preface this gripe session with this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Lighburn. It’s a GREAT piece of software I’ve used for years. Licensing though… SUCKS!!!

May 2021, I had all kinds of issues with licensing because I have more than 4 seats, which then took an act of congress to get that situated and wound up with 6 seats (not even sure how that happened). All has been well since even paying for updates; until now when I go to add Galvo to my existing license setup. Licensing process upgrade asks if I had an existing license which I obviously do, entered that key, they take my upgrade cost, “thank you” message stating you’ll get your license key shortly, and off to email I go to wait for license key to be able to add Galvo to my existing LB DSP license for my new UV laser I just finished assembling.

then 10 minutes later, I get this nonsense!

and of course ZERO response from support at this time of the day on a Friday evening! :rage:

I do see there was an issue processing this order, but it is not clear to me why. While it is late in the day and the start of the weekend, not to worry, I am investigating and have also reached out to a few others internally. I will post back as soon as I know more. Thank you for supporting our efforts. We appreciate your patience. :slight_smile:

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I have added Galvo support to your key manually, while we sort what happened with this order. You should now be able to move forward with Galvo support. Restart LightBurn and you should see Galvo support on the ‘License Management’ page. You should also find from the ‘Devices’ button used for setting up a new device profile.

thank you! kid with a new toy was going to be very disappointed not being able to use it. :slight_smile:

Glad we got this sorted before I left the office. Happy zapping! :slight_smile:

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