LB not moving right with on-screen arrows and mouse?

Lightburn connection to usb is giving me problems with executing moves. LB doesn’t move well using the on-screen arrow keys and mouse. I have tried several different fixes and can’t resolve the problem. I don’t experience this in Open Builds, moves perfectly.

Can you please share what you mean, exactly, when you say the following? You are not offering much we can work with here.

What do you mean by “problem”? The laser moves in wrong direction or the laser moves in correct direction, but stutter along the path would both be considered problems, but would be addressed with vastly different solutions. Help us help you. :slight_smile:

MAC or PC? What kind of laser machine? Folks, When asking for support for LightBurn via this forum, email or anywhere else, please keep the following tips in mind for the fastest and most helpful answers. Please provide these details: We need to know what machine you have, what controller it has, and what firmware it is running. Are you running the latest version of LightBurn? Is the issue new, or has it happened before? What kind of computer is it, and what Operating System is it running? Please note these things: Please speak…

Using Win 10, typical usb mouse, latest version of LB. Keyestudio .09 controller. I have tried three different mice, all have the same result. Tried constant movement too, same result. However have no
problem sending files, machine moves perfectly, does not stutter. It’s just the arrow key movement that doesn’t respond properly. I don’t understand this as Open Builds works perfectly? Sometimes the arrow keys respond in wrong direction, sometimes they won’t respond at all until I hit the opposite arrow?

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