LB only displays TT fonts now

So all of a sudden LB only displays TT fonts now as my options. It is is quite possible I accidently did something that caused this or is this part of the software update. Used to display open fonts etc.
Just checking to see if anyone has an idea.

We have not recieved reports of this before. LightBurn uses your system fonts as well as you can tell LightBurn you also want to use SHX fonts, but you do not mention that as part of the issue.

Can you see the expected font list in another application, such as a text editor or your email application? Do you see your full list there?

Yes they are still there in photoshop…OT…TT…but not in LB. I noticed it after the last update but I cannot say that was a direct cause…rather noticed it after is all. It’s the only program that only shows TT fonts only.

Reinstalled LB and rebooted the computer again and they came back. Weird but it is fine now.
Sorry for the trouble.

Glad to hear you got sorted. I have noted, and will keep an eye for this. Please let us know if this happens again.

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