LB starts burning away from my setting point

Hi forumists
Can anyone tell why my LB is not doing as it has done before.
I have burned some pictures on a 9cm X 9cm
where I’ve measured out the center of the piece.
But suddenly the laser moves away from the center and starts burning.
I am attaching 2 pictures where one is as it was before
and the other one (snow white) is completely wrong,
Grateful gets help

Where did you have ‘Job Origin’ set for this? Did the ‘Start from’ get inadvertently changed from where it was set before?

Share some screenshots of the settings for this job and we can take a look.

This might be helpful to review as well.

thx Rick
I’ll give it a try tomorrow.
It’s almost bedtime here in Sweden now.
If you are online tomorrow, I’ll give you
feedback on how it turns out.

Are you kidding me? I have been stuck in the internwebs since dial-up. They just won’t let me out! :crazy_face:

Please let us know how you get on.

I let you know after I have finished
my squaredance calling tomorrow.

Hi Rick

this is the results:

I had highlighted
“enable out of bounds warning”
in device settings.
When I unchecked it, it worked again

Thank you for open my eyes.

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