Le 1er essai gravure sur carrelage

bonjour à tous
je m 'appelle alain je vie en france depuis 10 ans je fais de la gravure avec une cnc 3040 et avec un laser C02 80 watt et controleur Ruida
pour la premiere fois j’ai gravé un carrelage façon Norton avec ses parametres
Z 20, vitesse 80 , puissance 13%, decalage de ligne 0.1 voila le resultat

Good morning all
my name is alain i have been living in france for 10 years i do engraving with a 3040 cnc and with an 80 watt C02 laser and Ruida controller
for the first time I engraved a Norton style tile with its parameters
Z 20, speed 80, power 13%, line offset 0.1 here is the result

Have to say, your first attempts are better than each and everyone of mine :pensive:
Looking great. :+1:

hello thank you for your comments
my first tests I will still improve them
I work with an 80watt co2 laser which is harder to configure
Currently I am traveling for my work and I have a lot of trouble communicating because I do not have internet
if you wish we can stay in touch to exchange our ideas and our parameters
I wish you a good evening

Thank you.
Looking at buying a Co2 but self employed so the social distancing makes it a bit of a problem to do the work…
Safe journey…
Catch up when you get back…

je travaille seul dans un endroit ou il y a personne
et mon laser est dans ma maison

You need a laptop so at least you could be using lightburn, getting projects going in your spare time while you don’t have a laser. :slightly_smiling_face:

oui c’est exactement ce que je fais je prepare des projets
je vous invite a aller voir mon facebook pour voir mes creations

It would be cool but i don’t use facebook or any of the others. :thinking:

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