Lead In and Out problem when using Array function

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I am having a problem when using Lead in and Out and multiplying the objects with Array. I am setting the point for Lead In and Out and afterwards duplicating the object with Array function. So the problem is that the Lead In and Out points aren’t duplicated correctly, but somewhat on random places. When I click on the Set Shape start point it shows the point where it’s supposed to be , but on the laser preview all the start points are mixed.
This is link to a picture of the Preview tab. ----- > https://imgur.com/ocKkkSQ
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Can you show what you see in LightBurn when you click the ‘Starts points’ tool with everything selected, so I can see where all the starting points are?

I suspect you don’t have them ‘forced’, and if your optimization settings are set to ‘Choose best starting point’, that will override the default start point on a shape, so you have to force the point.

Having said that, if your shape is just a circle that you created in LightBurn, that doesn’t store the start point properly - If you ‘Convert to path’ first, then do the array, it will remember the starting point for all the copies as well.

The shape on the bottom left is a circle, and the shape on the bottom right is that same circle converted to a path. The ones above were copied with the grid array tool.



Thanks for the answear. I figured it out. Maybe the thing was that I didn’t convert the circle into a path.
I redid the array and everything seems fine.

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You shouldn’t need to do that, but it’s a quirk because of how ‘primitive’ shapes are built internally. I’ll see if there’s a way for me to make this work more cleanly without having to convert to path first.

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This is fixed for the next release. Rectangles, ellipses, and polygons will all transfer their starting point / direction if you copy them.


Thank you. I am impressed of the quality of the support you provide !

May I ask you a question , not related to this topic ?
Can I use Lightburn instead of EzCad to command Fiber Lasers ? If not, are you planning to make such a software ?

Thank you once again !

On the list to try, yes. But nothing more than that we can share.

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