Lead-in/lead-out disappears when installing bridges

The following problem was found: if I install bridges on the sketch with the lead-in/lead-out installed, then the lead-in/lead-out disappear both during preliminary inspection and laser cutting. The bridges remain in their places. How to solve this problem?

I’m interested in what you’re seeing here.
Are you observing this behaviour in the Preview window?

I would like to know the following so we can attempt to reproduce this behaviour:
Which engraver and controller are you using?
Which version of LightBurn are you using?
Which Operating system is running on your computer?

I can reproduce this behaviour.
On the OLM2 running Windows 11 and Lightburn 1.2.01
The lead-in/out disappear when tabs are introduced, this is also evident in the preview window.

It is very easy to reproduce. Draw, for example, a circle. Add Lead-in/Lead-out in the layer properties. Exit the layer properties. Click preview. Lead-in/Lead-out is present. Now set up the bridges. Click preview. The bridges remained. Lead-in/Lead-out are missing.
All of this happens on any version of Windows OS. The GRBL and Trocen AWC-7824 controllers behave the same way. LB 1.2.00.

We have confirmed and been able to reproduce this unintended behavior on multiple systems and OS’s. A report has been generated for the dev team to take a closer look. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. :slight_smile: Will update here once we have something further to report.


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