Lead in not being respected

Dear All,
we are trying to add a simple lead in so that it starts inside on a shape, in this case a rectangle, situated inside another rectangle.

After reading these other posts on that matter we are still struggling with it.
(Lead in - Lead out advices - #2 by Sparkman
Lead-in question
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In our case, LB is IGNORING the negative angle.

Yes, this rectangle is an inside shape but the two are placed on separate levels!

We’ve also tried to delete the other shape, still no joy…

What we are doing wrong? LB always start from the outside. Choose best starting point is also disable (just in case) and there is enough space for the lead.

Any help would be pretty much appreciated.

For a shape with corners you will need to change the Set Shape Start Point to somewhere on the sides, not the corner. Otherwise there’s really no room for the cut to start.

Insert a new node on a side if required and then use Set Shape Start Point to specify the side node.



Dear berainlb PY,
that works perfectly! THANK YOU A LOT! Was this explained somewhere and we missed it?
Cheers from Milan

It was actually mentioned in at least that first link that you posted but may not have been apparent that this was the answer.

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