Leather armor on LightObject 900x600

Fun project. The software worked perfectly!
LightObject 900x600 100W laser.


Absolutely fantastic! Great job.

Wow! :exploding_head:

Awesome! Just a suggestion distress the burns and leather so they don’t look like the football players uniform that gets no action

Here is a super simple way to do it

How to distress leather

Thank you for sharing

Love it! I will experiment with distressing the leather.

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Nice job!

My good friend makes armour for Peter Jackson’s Weta Studios, I’ll send him the link - maybe he’ll hire me? :slight_smile:

That is truly some amazing work there! Whatever your doing, keep doing it heh

Absolutely beautiful!!!

SO very cool! Im thinking I need a biker jacket… probably need a bike first though :slight_smile:
awesome work!

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.
This set sold as a Christmas gift. I am working on a more detailed/advanced armor set for late winter.
Learning so much on this forum and the laser has been a prototyping dream.

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