Leather Settings (pictures attached)

I’ve recently started using an Orion Motortech 50w laser on my leather projects for work. It took me a while to dial in the laser to a point where I am able to put out a presentable product. However, I do feel like I need a lot more work. I was wondering if anyone could provide me some tips on my settings? I’m currently at 10 speed/20 percent with 5 passes on the engrave (fill) and 5 speed/10 percent with 3 passes on the cut (line). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I will not be of any help to you…I am wanting to engrave/burn brands onto tags (similar to cattle/sheep ear tags) then cut them out. I will be watching for updates from those that can shed some light on our situations. Any help would be appreciated. Just getting started with my 50w CO2 laser. Lu

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I engrave leather all the time.
I think I have a 100w machine :wink: My settings are different for engraving on different leather… this was engraved after using the ImagR app to modify the image (if you don’t know it, let me know)

And this image was modified with photoshop and illustrator I think. (not sure anymore)

The settings I use on the first one:
300-350 mm/s power max: 11% and min: 0%

The second image I used:
300-350 mm/s power 15%

Turn the speed up! :slight_smile:
And only 1 pass is what I used.
(oh and I do use compressor air… sooth can be wiped off easily with a dry cloth)

Thank you for the reply! I forgot to mention that I have my program set to inches/s and not mm/s. So my speed is about 300-400 mm/s.

Okay cool :slight_smile: but why the many passes?

I suggest you import any images as jpg or png then in the layer [double click layer] properties try Jarvis settings for leather images rather than just engrave. Engraving without dithering of some sort will burn so much away, any small detail will not be easy to replicate. If you have not heard of Russ Sadler on youtube, you should search for sarbarmultimedia in youtube. He has over 180 videos on lasering. He has an excellent one on leather. Also search youtbe for other people doing leather. One of the most irritating aspects of leather engraving is that it doesn’t always sit flat! Lastly- engrave only veg tanned leather.

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