LED EdgeLit Signs - Largest acrylic dimensions for 80mm opening?

With regards to the light reaching to the top of the design, I’ve had mixed results, as in some signs look good and others poor. The acrylic is close to 3mm and I’ve had good results from the same batch using slightly smaller designs.

The Death by Chocolate measures 7"x7" and the light seems to reach the top.
The coffee logo measures 6.5"w x 7" tall and the light reaches the top, sign looks good.
However, the Ska logo 8" x 8" looks really bad, like the light doesn’t reach the top of the logo, looks bad. Is this a combination of the larger size and design?

I’m using the typical cheap LED base that accommodates 3mm acrylic and has an opening of 80mm (3") wide.

• Does the depth of the etch make a difference?
• What are the largest acrylic dimensions you’ve created?
• How much does the design come into play?

Thanks in advance.

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Looking forward to see what insights you get from others. I am pretty new to lasers and haven’t played much with LED signs buut looking forward to trying some.