Leeloo Dallas - MultiPass -

Just wondering,
When number of passes is set to more than one, the first run goes in one direction, second pass flips direction, the third pass flips again, and so on and so forth. can this be changed? kinematic wise this is less desirable and secondly when i cut plastics the instant reversal cuts through molten plastic whereas the rest of the material had time to cool down which means less penetration per same speed.

Note: I initially skipped over this because I thought it was just a “show & tell” post. I get the reference now, but it would help to have the title actually be a summary of the question.

Can you provide a screenshot of your cut settings and your optimization settings (in the “Laser” panel)? I’m unable to reproduce what you are seeing. Everything I try it always goes the same direction on each pass.

Turn off ‘choose best direction’ in the optimizations, or set a forced starting point for the lines using the ‘Start points’ tool.

“Choose best direction” is off and none of the optimization settings changed that behavior nor the starting points tool. going over each and every combination of settings i found out that this flipping action is related to “lead in” and/or “lead out”. when any or both are active this reversal action takes place. I have these on for all my library cuts.

It is possible that lead in/out is added to the source shape before the output is generated. Multi-pass cuts happen as part of generating the cut output, so these might be interacting in a strange way.

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