Leetro 6515 to ruida 6442g switch

Hi im new here and a new owner of an old cl1824 100w c02 laser. Its the first laser ive got and i have only used it once without the leetro usb bungee(last owner lost it somehow) with an file in the laser so i know it fires. I didnt want to buy the bungee and use lasercut and leetro because ive read some pretty nasty stuff about the board and software. I got my ruida board and controller today and started the switch but im strugling with the conections because there are some odd conections on the old leetro that i dont understand how i should connect them to the ruida board.

Sorry for the werry poor english and i hope someone could help me with this.

At the moment i dont know what to do with these connections.
5v/24v goes to x axis reverse and forward limit
And same on the y axis. Any clues how to do this?