Length of the font vector


I wanted to know if there is any way to know the total vector line length of the font in LB. I am designing the LED Neon sign in LB and it would be helpful for me to estimate the led flex required based on the vector(s) length of font .

Not currently. That feature is however on our list to be implemented for one of the next major releases. There’s a bunch of under-the-hood work that needed to be done first and I’ve actually been working on that recently. At this time I have no ETA for when that will be available other than most likely the next major feature release or possibly the one after.

Good to know it is on the list and will come at some point . Thanks :+1:.

what is the measurement of text in the preview window? I am assuming its the distance around the path combined.

You mean “Cut Distance” ?

Yeah, it’s total distance the laser moves while firing.

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