Lenovo 100e $109.99 Win10 pro laptop

I know nothing about these laptops. It came to me in an email.
$4.99 shipping.


Hey, I work in a school system where we have a bunch of 100e’s in Chromebook flavor. Most of them are 2nd gen 100e’s. For $100 they might be good, the problem I see is that 4GB of ram is pretty light for Windows 10. The processor is also just ok. Are you thinking for Lightburn? To run a laser? I think it would work just fine, but others might chime in.

I just wanted to share because it’s a good price and people like you might know whether it was worth it or not. Unfortunately I have way too many computers!

There are so many of these machines out there, I have a few that have been given to me.

General operations I don’t think the speed of the machine really matters. However is you hare dealing with ‘lots’ of lines and things, it takes longer to process.

I just put an i-5 3.0 gHz in the garage that was given to me. I have an i-5 3.8 gHz in the home. On heavy stuff the garage is slower but can’t beat the price…

Looking at the link, it is 1.2 gHz almost 1/3 the speed.

The price is low…

I have a line drawing of a lion, I got somewhere that really loads both of my machines.

Can take 3 1/2 minutes to get to the preview.

Good luck, let us know how it works out…


Sounds like my old/backup laptop, another Lenovo, ran about $159 a few years back when I got it, I got the Windows version, my hubby the Chromebook version. Low end specs, I ran Linux on it as I expected that Windows wouldn’t run well on it, and now even Linux is a bit much for it. Still, Lenovo is decent stuff, my tablets and computers are theirs, and if you watch their site for sales, you can get some nice deals.