Lens calibration issues

When I try to calibrate the camera for the first time I get a (not responding) memo on the upper part of the calibration wizard.

I’m running windows 10. Computer has been updated and rebooted , but still get that message when I hit the capture button on the first circles pattern test. Any ideas why it is crashing?

It’s possible that it’s seeing your honeycomb pattern as circles and getting confused. You’re also holding that card very strangely, and not flat, which would cause issues.

If it’s getting confused and thinking that your honeycomb is circles, put a piece of wood, cardboard, paper, etc over the bed and that will correct that. I would also try to center the bed in the camera view, as that will produce the most usable image space.

I’ll try that! I was under the impression the super pattern was to be held on an angle on the bed . Should I lay it flat ?

This should tell you everything you need:

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It was absolutely getting confused with the mesh tray. Once I put a piece of cardboard over it the camera and software calibrated and I was up and running within minutes. Thanks, I’m loving the software!!!

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