Lens Calibration Wizard

I have a Boss Laser 1640, and just installed the 8mp Lightburn camera. As I try to use the Lens Calibration Wizard, I’m stuck waiting endlessly after clicking capture image. The button greys out and then says Processing image, but after 10-15 minutes it’s done nothing. I left it at one point frustrated and went to have lunch and upon returning it had finally captured the very first image but the second I hit next, lightburn crashed and left me back at square one and I’ve not been able to get a single image capture again even after an hour. There is no honeycomb backer causing issues like others have had as I use a plyboard base. I am just at a total loss as to how I’m supposed to configure this camera if the software won’t allow an image to capture.

What are all the remediation steps that you have so far tried?

Please include a screenshot of the calibration attempt.

I have come to realize that the software is having issues updating the window appropriately when capturing images. Upon hitting the button and the Processing Image text appears on the button, the image is actually being captured, but you will not be able to see the results on that screen until hitting the “Click here to download the circle pattern image” hyperlink. At that point the Lens Calibration Wizard window will update and show you your image score.

What you’re seeing is very likely not the root cause of the issue and more of a secondary symptom.

Again, if you’d like help resolving it would help if you could:

  1. Provide screenshots of what you’re seeing. This will help others identify problem scenarios that could be causing the calibration issue.
  2. Document what you’ve so far attempted to remediate the issue. This will help steer or eliminate possible resolution options.

Are you using a Mac, by chance? We’ve seen occasional issues with the system not repainting controls when changed, but this is the first I’ve heard of this happening on this screen.

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