Lens Calibration

Hi this is ny first post so go easy :wink:

i have just purchased the key for GRBL and downloaded the latest software. when i go to lens calibration and start the capture button does nothing please help as i had this working in an older version.

current lighburn version 0.9.18 running on win10 64bit, lasergrbl

all was fine until i purchased the latest version

Thanks in advance

Please provide a bit more detail as to what you have tried and what the exact results are.

Here is what I see in the latest beta I am using. Are you saying the ‘Capture’ button is grayed-out? Clicking this Capture button does nothing and nothing is reported back when you push it? (Note the message LightBurn provides, just below the Capture button when the pattern is not found.)

Thanks for the quick reply
The capture button is not greyed out and does not report any error etc just does nothing

I have a good clear image in the camera view window

My setup has not changed and used to work in version 8

Only software


This is my view

Show us what you are seeing with a few good screenshots please.

Not following this bit. I do not know what this “version 8” is nor what you are saying with this stand-alone “Only software” statement.

ok, so i have now tested this with the built in camera on my laptop, holding the test card towards my laptop camera works fine, seems the new software does not like my hd web cam thats mounted on my laser, however this used to work.

Only software – only the software has changed nothing else and used to work fine in version 8

any ideas would be apriciated as i only purchased this for the camera support


Ok, thank you for providing additional information, yet you did not provide responses to the parts where we are asking for clarity.

Please check this and report back how you have this set currently.


Setting the camera capture system to Default Capture System has allowed me to clibrate the camera.


I’m running windows 10 on my laptop and when i select custom camera system the resolution settings are greyed out.

i am able to calibrate the cam on Default capture system but the resolusion settings are still greyed out.

is this normal ?


The ‘Default’ system gives us basically no control over the camera in Windows, other than being able to stream and capture, which is why I wrote the newer ‘Custom’ system.

The ‘Default’ system (on Windows) uses old tech in a limited way, and doesn’t allow setting resolution, exposure, or anything else. The new system gives me much more control, but it’s much more sensitive to driver and video card compatibility issues, permission settings, and all the other things Windows is known for. :slight_smile:

Short version: yes, that’s normal.

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