Lens info for fiber in LightBurn file

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New to LightBurn and have enjoyed the 30 days trial, so just bought the Galvo version (I have Galvo and GRBL machines)

Now on to my question. I have 4 different lenses for the fiber laser. Does LightBurn save the lens info in the file? So for example, I create a file to engrave a slate coaster at 90x90. I have three lenses that can burn this size and the power settings would depend on the lens size. I normally name my files “slate 90mm coaster - 110 lens”. But sometimes I forget. Does LightBurn save the machine configuration name/settings etc somewhere in the file?

Hope this makes sense.


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Not on Galvo, but I believe that it´s better to create laser devices profiles for each lens.
Not tested yet but thanks again for your Atomstack firmware.

Get the firmware installed lol.

I will make separate “Machines” for each lens.


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When you create a new device, the lens information is included. When you open the device, this configuration information is sent to the fibers controller…

I don’t know if it’s sent once or for every invocation of a job run.

I have naming convention for my device files “F254mm-175” as an F254mm with a 175x175mm coverage.


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Yep I get all of the above.

But what I mean is when I open a file, is there a way to see what machine / configuration it was created on?

Say someone uploaded a design to the forum. Is there a way to see what machine it was designed for?


I don’t know how the software would know anything beneficial from the actual machine… or from th users configuration.

It stores home location on machines it’s applicable but that’s about it as far as I know.

I use File → Show notes, it’s set to popup when I load a project. Information such as lens length, split size…


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That’s exactly what I was after. Thanks.

It’s not to let the software or laser to know anything. It’s purely for my own use so I know what lens I designed things for.


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