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Does anyone know the difference between a II-VI Infrared USA CVD ZnSe and a Tenen China PVD ZnSe lens? They have the same specs (dia20mm/focal length 50.8) but different price setting.
(Tenen also sells the II-VI Infrared)

The ii-vi lens is made with a higher quality USA sourced material than the China sourced Tenen lens. I personally always use ii-vi lenses in my lasers.

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The specs differ in the rated wattage use. My observation is most of the II-VI USA lenses are rated up to 250w while the China PVD ZnSe max at 100w.

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Russ Sadler has a recent video in a series that starts discussing how different lenses and orientations perform that you might find of interest:

It looks like he will continue documenting his research on the subject.

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