Letters are in different directions

I’m very new to laser engraving and Light Burn! I made my first project which was my name only. The first letter is correct but the rest of my name is upside down. Please help! I’m sure it’s something simple but I can’t figure it out!

Attach a photo of the engraving and a screenshot of your Edit->Device Settings please.

I feel like an idiot! They are incorrect but I was holding the wood upside down. So, they are mirrored. Correct?

I think they are mirrored - take a selfie with them and see if they come out the right way around in your picture (no need to post it)

In Device Settings change your origin dot position from your current top-left to bottom-left.

This will result in your current design looking vertically flipped. Make the necessary changes to the design. Then reburn.

Let us know the results.


That worked. Thanks so much!

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