Letters are mirrored latest release of lightburn software

I have a Monport 20W racus laser using
LightBurn 1.4.00, built Wed 2023-04-26 @ 08:45
Created by LightBurn Software, LLC
On a IMAC using Vevtura 13.3.1

The letters appear on the screen fine but print in a mirror image. all the post stat to relate to the top lest. This release does not have that option?

You will probably need to reverse the direction ( negate) of your X axis


Here is the documentation

That worked. It is printing vertical and not horizontal, the framing shows vertical as well. What do I need to tweek now?

Try changing which Galvo is the X axis i.e. if you have Galvo 1 selected change it to Galvo 2

It worked

Thanks for helping.

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