Letters Being Engraved Offset in only one direction

I am trying to engrave simple letters, but when they come out, there is always a little extra mark on the right side of the letter, or there is some missing from the right side.

If you look at the RH sign, on the H, there is a bit extra that it engraved on the right side, and if you look at the same height on the letter R, it is actually missing some of the line. Notice how there isnt any extra engraving on the left side of those letters. It is a vertical line with no blemishes.

The image below shows two different signs cut at the same time, and only one is affected by this.

This picture shows the same thing happening to 1, but instead of extra engraving, there is a gap. (Is it possible there is a gap because the areas above and below are over-engraving so to speak?)

I am using a Boss HP-2436 with a Trocen AWC708C Plus. I just installed new mirrors and have it properly aligned as well.

Any help would be grateful.

Please post your LightBurn file. I’d like to see what’s happening here.

Here is the file. I also have other signs in the file. This is a standard template I use.

lhrh.lbrn2 (322.7 KB)

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