Letters disappear when preview

Can someone explain why suddenly the “A” disappear from the name “Susanne” when I look at the preview? :flushed:
When I escape from the preview it jumps back to normal.
Think this happed when I updated from .21 to .22

Tried another font, deleted it, restart of computer and change the text but always the “A” that disappears :exploding_head: Noticed when I use small letters som of them turns to numbers in the preview :thinking:

I cannot recreate this behaviour. I am on a Mac with 9.22 version and it doesn’t happen to me…
can you give some details or steps what font are you using, are you on Windows or Mac? maybe its a windows only problem, or problem with your fonts?

Notice the reference in the top bar set to Date/Time. One great feature of LB is the ability to manipulate markers in the work that change with the job and with the parameters that are set in that field. You’ll want to change it to plain text and the problem will probably vanish.

Fred, you have falcon’s eyes !!, then SussAnne will be complete again. :smiley:

To help in understanding these options: Variable Text Basics - LightBurn Software Documentation

Lol, no eagle eyes. I’ve made the same mistake enough times to know how not to do it, but sometimes it pops right back up.

Ohh thank u that solved the problem! :grinning:
Don’t now if a accidentally change it…have never used that setting. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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