Leveling requirement for Chuck Rotary for Tapered Objects

I’ve seen videos where there appears to be roller type rotaries that can be leveled either manually or by a built-in feature on itself. However, I’ve yet to come across a video where the chuck type rotary’s tapered object (tumbler, wine glass, etc.) is leveled by the device or a wedge/shim to make the object rest on a level plane prior to being engraved.

Am I missing something? Wouldn’t you want the surface to be as level as possible to maintain proper focal distance?

While LightBurn doesn’t yet have the ability to skew the graphic for tapered objects, I use another software to create a skewed file for tapered objects. Having said that, putting the object’s engraving surface on a level plane AND skewing the graphic would make the end result appear to be in perfect proportion when viewed straight on. Am I over thinking this from my recliner? Ha!

Is it necessary to do both of these processes to get the correct end result?

I have a wheeled rotary, and you just raise the end up.

I would think the process would be similar as you’d just raise the end of the rotary up… ?

It wouldn’t appear the design of that rotary had a tapered object in mind.

Good luck, let us know how you solved it…


This was my solution with my chuck rotary. I think you might find reading the whole thread to be useful.

Thanks for the responses!
These more than answers my question.
Great information on how to address the issue too.
I’d originally thought about a T-bar with a threaded barrel nut in the center but quickly realized it would be in the way if removing the tailstock upon occasion.
I’ve got a path forward now and will add some photos if I get to it before the topic expires. Life always seems to be in the way. Sigh…