Liam Neeson on white tile

Liam Neeson

White tile method

2.5 watt Eleksmaker



Beautiful. never engraved tiles and a bit confused.
are these black tiles painted white, or white painted black? i even read some paint white tiles with white paint which burns during lasing.

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White paint on a white tile.

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Love it, thanks!
The closest art store near me which holds nice small tiles for artwork is like 20km away in a different city but it’s curfew times and we are not allowed to be more than 100m away from home not to mention that up until yesterday we were forced to not leave our own town. i think there is a closer shop few blocks away from my house but i don’t recall them having such tiles in stock. I will call them next week.

Home Depot, Lowes, Floor stores usually have plenty of them. Buy quite a few cause your mess some up.

Hi there Bulldog, amazing results.

I have one question, do you let the paint completely dry? or do you laser while the paint is still wet/tacky? Or does it matter at all?


For my diode I let it dry at least a day,if not I get grey blotches…one thin coat…

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Everything up here in Ontario Canada Closed unless essential,groc,drug store

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I am sorry to say that out of these stores we only have Office Depot but not all stores around the world sells the same stuff. in my country they sell anything BUT what makers like us likes and needs. you have no idea how jealous we are with how you guys import cheap Chinese stuff (we pay high taxes on everything!) and over here big stores sells only what most if not all customers wants which got nothing to do with what maker’s dreams are made of.

Wow, I didn’t realize how much I take things for granted sometimes. Also, I don’t see (or maybe I just know where to look) where the folks on this forum are at. Over at RDWorks forum (only other forum I use other than LB) our profile is right there in every post. Sure does make it nice when answering questions or making suggestions cause it’s all right there for you to see.

So where do you live Squid

Willyivy…so where do you live…
I live in Courtice Ontario Canada

I live about 30 miles west of Houston Texas.

This is interesting.
I also belong to the Vectric forum.
When someone posts on there it shows their location (if they fill it out on their profile)
It would be a cool addition on here also.
I find it interesting where people are in this world.

Isnt that were JFK was assassinated…remember that day well…we were let out of school that afternoon…my Mom was in tears…and thats up here in canada

My memory is pretty much shot, but I remember that day well. (somehow I think we all do)
The assistant principle came into my 8th grade typing class and said that the president has been shot.
I remember walking home and feeling like the world just plain stopped. (it was actually eerily quiet outside)

He was actually assassinated in Dallas Texas 4 hours north of me. That is where one of my daughters lives.

Where do you live @Squid

Israel :mask:
Today we are allowed to go out. masks are mandatory.
I forgot how 3D biological creatures looks like. that would be interesting.
Feeling like Terraforming earth.