Library Cut setting Name not saving

I’m new to LightBurn (and lasers) but I’m having a problem with saving material settings in the library.

Whether creating a new entry or editing an existing one, the Name in the Cut Setting Editor is not saving. Also, likely because of this, when applying the library setting to a layer, the cut name is not applied to the layer. I am saving the library after editing details.

It stays in the interface until such time as I close LightBurn, then it doesn’t load back in, or get used as above.

I am using the latest version, although I can’t find the version number (it’s not in the expected location).

I’ve seen videos online where this appears to work, so I’m wondering if there is an issue with the latest version or I’m doing something wrong? Any ideas?



Can you take a series of step-by-step screenshots showing what you’re experiencing please?

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