Library is empty after upgrade

So confused. Yesterday I realized that with the update 1.2.00 my Library was complete lost. Took my time and open every project and saved them one by one. This morning, its gone! These files must be somewhere…does anyone know how to retrieve it?

I’m assuming you’re running windows. I’m on Win 10 so here’s the brute-force way to find your files.

Double Click the Recycle Bin icon on your Windows Desktop
When it opens Click This PC in the directory tree on the left.

In the Search box on the right hand side that says ‘Search this PC’ type either lbart, or a graphics file format you use, or a known cherished filename that you hold dear - then press enter. The computer will open every storage device and find every occurrence of what you’ve asked for. It may not be the best strategy to pick someone’s first name because of all the other files that may come up in the search. It may take a while to look everywhere so let it run.

From the selections provided by the computer have a look for your library. Mine shows the directory where the file resides. Using a screen capture tool to save the image of the files on the screen can be helpful, even jotting down the file path may come in handy. You should be able to load it using the Load Button in the Art Library window.

At 7:25 in this video you can see how to reload your Art Library:

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