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Is it possible to change the default location of the material library? I want to use a network folder so it can be accessed from different pc’s and have it open when I click load regardless of what pc I am using.

Actually, this is the first I have played with the library. It doesn’t seem to load any saved items. When I click load it always goes to my documents folder and there are no .clb files there

There is no default location required for the Library file. If you start fresh and don’t use any previous library, the file will placed in your LightBurn directory along with the preference .ini files. But, you can save a library file on a networked storage location allowing it to be a shared library.

When you say:

Please offer more information. Do you have a populated library file you can’t get to load? If so, please email that file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and we will review.

Rick, When I click load it always opens my documents library. I have not saved any Lightburn data to this location. I have saved a few test items in another folder. When I click save it opens a window for the location that I have saved items in. That is correct. When I click load I would like to be able to configure it to open the location in which I save things. Also when I click new I would like it to go to the same place that I save items in but that opens the documents library as well.
I have created 2 .clb files in my preferred location. I’m not sure if there is anything in them as I cannot recall them to see them. When I click load, I have to navigate to my folder, click the file, and nothing shows up in the window. The 2 files are there though. FYI this is Win 7
I have not been able to find the sample settings file that is mentioned in your video.

Edit, so I was able to retrieve some data. I deleted all and started over. I had not entered any data as it seems, just created a file is all. When I save the layer a second time it shows up. Blank folders do not, that’s what threw me I think.

LightBurn remembers the last place you save/load items of a given type, and opens that path for that type of item. I do remember the last saved library path, however it does appear that I’m not using that when you click “Load” for a library - I’ll fix that.

Please do not go looking for the sample file shown in the video - it is specific to a 5w diode machine, and using it on a CO2 laser would be an excellent way to have an accident. :fire:

And yes, empty folders are not saved - it’s a quirk of the way the library data is constructed.

Nor does it remember that for ‘New’…

Yea the folders get saved but cannot be recalled in the library window

Fixed for both, will be in the next release.

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The new version works well… thanks for the update!

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