Library lost after lightburn crashed while saving clb library file

is there a backup file created when lightburn is saving new settings to library. The reason I asked while saving to the library a new settings lightburn crashed. now the library file is empty all my settings are gone. The file shows todays date last modified but 0 bytes. I was wondering when save is initiated does lightburn create a temp file or backup of the clb file anywhere in the computer.

It doesn’t, no. It crashed when saving that file? That’s … . surprising - there’s nothing else happening then and it’s very straightforward. I’ll add code to make a backup, but if you haven’t, it’s likely gone.

Did you get a crash dump? I’d be interested to see what happened.

That would be great to save a backup. Thanks
I created a new settings from layer and click save then it just closed suddenly. No error displayed. The file loaded but was empty just the name of the file.

Which version of LightBurn are you running? (32 or 64 bit windows, MacOS, … ?)

Sorry for the delay. Version 09.09 windows 64bit

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