Library not saving?

I can do a save as and overwrite my library and then search the XML and the material I just created is not in there. I keep losing my settings thinking I save them, but they are not there. Ideas? I hit the regular save button also.
Using Save As and creating a new file does not work either. The new material is not in there.

Which version of LightBurn are you using? There was a bug fixed recently where duplicating an existing material and changing the name would cause the entry not to save. If you’re on 0.9.04 this shouldn’t happen any more.

I am using 0.9.04. It does or did seem to be related to how the new material was created or renamed though. It seems like I got it “sticking” now, but it was definitely not saving it until I redid the way it was made. For some reason I did not see your response here and now it is not fresh in my head exactly how I created the material that would not save it, however I think I may have been duplicating something existing and then renaming the material and the other properties.

That would have been the bug, but it should be fixed now. If you are able to make it happen again, let me know what steps you took and I’ll figure out what’s going on.

Okay. I just duplicated it.

  1. select an existing material
  2. Select a size
  3. Select one of the subsets like “cut”
  4. Hit the Duplicate button
  5. Change the material name to something not in use like “TEST”
  6. Click the “No Thickness” button (this may not matter, not sure), It might do the same thing with a thickness selected. I did not have time to test.
  7. Change the description to also just say something like “TEST”
  8. Hit OK
  9. Now the material shows up as you would expect
  10. Hit Save button
  11. Exit program and come back in and it is not there. It is also not in the XML (to be expected if it is not there I suppose)

Let us know if you duplicate it. I think last time I even tried a “Save As” and it still was not in that file either, but I will not say for sure since I did not test it today.

Thank you for providing this information. I have been able to reproduce this issue and have generated a bug report in our system for follow-up. :slight_smile:

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