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Would it be possible to add a notes field to each cut option, to allow for notes ie: focus height, etc.


Could this approach work for what you are wanting?

That would work. I would still like a free form notes field option for just general info, focus, machine setting for acceleration, or Circle pulse / diameter info,

This is available on a per-file basis using the ‘File’→’Show Notes’.


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I understand that, I am wanting it in the library for each entry.

i would like to chime in here

i have a 130watt laser , so to do gentle cuts and delicate engraving on 0.5mm foil, it is imperative that the correct “Power Scale” is used in conjunction with the library setting. Many times the power scale is down in single figures

in other words , my library settings rely heavily on the power scale.

therefore i agree with this suggestion that Power Scale should be added as a note-field in the library.

loving Lightburn, thank you for your tireless work.


Allow me to hijack this thread and resurface my suggestion about the library:

I think there is room to add notes on the cut settings window:


I do like this idea. It would provide room to place lots of information that may be helpful for running the laser.

Choose ‘Fill + Line’ or an image and that room is no longer there.

True there is much less room but still two liner textbox might still fit there. not sure though.

There are a bunch of settings you don’t see because of the controller that are taking up the remainder of that room for some.

I’m looking at rebuilding that window anyway, to break it up a little more. I’ll see if there’s a way I can add notes.

Personally speaking, up until now i had nothing to note on any of my materials but i can see how this can come handy.


Speaking of which, Is there a way to add notes to the entire project?

Show Notes

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Cool, Thank you.

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