Library Settings for Card / Emblaser 1

I’ve just started using Lightburn and have a design I want to engrave into thick paper / card (I need it to be quite a deep engrave as I’m using it to transfer the texture).

When I pick Card from the library and fill (my laser is an Emblaser 1) it sets the speed (mm/m) to 2000 - this doesn’t sound right ? Am I doing something wrong ? I think I’ve attached a screendump.

The image is at 6000, wow that cant be right at all

Not sure what I am doing wrong LazerX ?

Definitely wait for Lightburn to reply, im sure the machine is limited as far as speed but I would wait regardless. Its probably input error, as they tell me constantly at work when I complain about job cost and im not being condescending at all. GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT

:laughing: Thanks James

Why do you think this is wrong? What do you think it should be instead? The library was provided by Darkly Labs, so if there are errors, you should check with them, but it’s worth verifying first that it’s not working for you.

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