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When entering new setups in the library, it would be nice to be able to add thicknesses in imperial units (inches) rather than mm which it seems it is forced upon the user. Here in the US most of the plastic that is easy to get to come that way (e.g. 1/8" vs 3 mm). Since the thickness is not used, why not allow the field to be what the user types in? Thanks, and a great program otherwise. Was glad to see that the dpi and Z-offsets were recorded in the library entries.

Make it official and enter it in here so that other users can vote on it and get it into production. This will help @LightBurn prioritize



Thanks for the suggestion. Has been added as a feature suggestion.

IMHO, I don’t think it should be tied to the units you design in. I design in mm (Solidworks, UCCNC, and Lightburn), but most of my materials are purchased in imperial thicknesses, since metric plastics are harder to find. My stock is labeled on the protective cover in actual units. Since the thickness field is just a text field, there should be no problem in allowing me to enter either 3mm or 1/8" since it’s not used any wheres.

That certainly is a work around if the software isn’t changed, but requires me to put a number in for thickness which is redundant. Why does it put mm in the field in the first place? Just let us type in something regardless of units? Or have a mm/inch selection, not tied to design units? Just saying.

I would be sorry to change from mm, here in europe we do not get much in imperial but i can easily understand your point of view. :wink:

Not suggesting a change from mm. The field is currently a numeric field with your design units inserted. For me, “mm” is already in the field and I can’t delete it. Since the field is numeric, I can only type in a number. If they made it a blank text field, then I could type in “1/8 in” and you could type in "3 mm. Best of both worlds.

I understand that and I’m fine with your proposal

Pretty much just us crazy Americans & two other small countries.

And UK :uk: is the only country in the world :earth_americas: that wants to please everyone and uses both.



It is terribly extensive to change from one measurement to another and extremely expensive, even in our modern times. But luckily there are no major challenges for daily life, so it will probably be a few hundred years yet. :wink:
But is there anyone who can tell me the advantages and disadvantages of 110Volt against 230Volt and vice versa?

This is a good read



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