Licence activation deactivation

Hey gang,

I was under the assumption that a License last 1 year. Did this recently change?

I paid for my activation in June of 2020 and I just received a message saying Im deactivated for updates.


You renewed on Feb 24th, under a different name, so it took me a bit to find it.

At the time you renewed, renewals were applied to the existing expiry date of the license, NOT the date of the renewal purchase, because that was the most fair we could make it - If someone else renewed immediately, and you waited until a new release came out to renew, over time you would get more benefit for the same amount of money, being rewarded for delaying, instead of being rewarded for renewing on time. Making all renewals just add to the existing expiry date of the license prevented that and made it equal for everyone.

This is the renewal page you would have seen at the time you purchased the renewal. Read the 2nd last line:


Of course, practically no one ever read this, so we’ve gotten a lot of confused emails and messages, like this one. We’ve changed the policy to renew from the date of purchase, and if you renew “on time” you get an extra couple months. Your next renewal will reflect this.

Thank you.
That was my son paying for the renewal last time.

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