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Good evening

I am on the process of building my y1200 laser machine and also learning about Lightburn. To this end I installed Lightburn some time ago however still haven’t been able to complete my machine yet.

I would like to be able to continue trialling the software and would be grateful for an extension before I buy. I have sent 2 emails but haven’t heard anything back, so posting on here with a view to getting some help please.

Many thanks

Looking into our systems, I do not find the requests you mention when using your name or email address from here on the forum. What email address did you use to send?

For a trial, you can post the ID here and we can help.

*(Note: never share your official License Key here or anywhere in public.)

Hi and thanks for the reply. I sent the email from

Thanks again

What address did you send to?

Just post the trial ID (copy and paste) and I can extend the trial from here.

Hi Rick, thanks for your reply. I sent the emails to

Anyways, the trial ID is as below. Grateful for the extension, I have a fair bit of work to finish off on the machine and only have one day a week now to spend on it, but I will most definitely be purchasing the software once I am up and running so thank you for your patience.


We have reset your trial so you should have the full 30 days again.

LightBurn should pick up the trial extension automatically, but you may need to go into ‘Help’→’License Management’ and press ‘Extend Trial’ to force it to check back in with the license server.

Hello, we have used light burn about 9 times total and haven’t had a chance to get back to it due to on road working conditions but my trial ran out without me knowing and was wondering if I could get an extension on it, I almost got it down to fully run properly but wanted to get it good before I got the license for it, my code is 6783bcdb-8722-4904-bfd0-20c57666f5d6

Done. Moving forward, please send any License issues or requests to and we will help sort there.

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