Licence fee renewal

Been on Lightburn this morning and a popup appeared about renewal of my lightburn license. Been using it for a couple of years but the renewal is £25, is this right, thought it was free. Or is this a scam, Just want to check.

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First off, be aware that your ability to use the versions of software that you’re eligible for is perpetual. Meaning that you can still use the software without necessarily renewing.

The renewal is about extending the validity period of the license for newer versions of software. When you purchase the license it comes with a year of updates, meaning that you’re able to access all versions of the software released within a year’s period from the time of first activation.

In any case, assuming the message was coming from LightBurn itself, this is likely not a scam. I’m not familiar with pricing in pound sterling but renewal is USD $30 which seems reasonably close to £25.

So i get free updates for my first year and each year after theres a yearly fee. £25 works out around $30. Seems a reasonable fee seeing light burn is great and easy to use plus a good back up forum to help users out, even with the s,
smallest of problems.

Yup! And it keeps us honest - if we don’t develop any meaninful changes that make it worth your renewal… don’t renew. We hate subscription software services as much as the next person.

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