Licence key Ruida key not able to install

I have just purchased a laser with a Ruida controller. I purchased the appropriate software for and downloaded and installed the latest version of Lightburn.
I also have a registered version for my diode. My problem is how do I install my licence key for the Ruida laser? Downloading a fresh version of Lightburn just opens up as it is recognising my diode version

Would appreciate any help, many thanks

Can you confirm that the license you purchased is the DSP version? If your license is for the G-code version it will not show you DSP controllers as one of the available device types.

If you have the DSP licenses both G-code and DSP controller types will be listed if you try adding a controller manually.

It’s possible that if you do not have the right driver installed that your computer and thus LightBurn will not be able to connect to the Ruida.

Hi thank you for the quick reply. I can only confirm that it cost £99 if that is any good?

That should be the DSP license so you should be good to go.

Is the LightBurn install that you use for the diode the same install as you’re planning to use for the Ruida? Or this is a separate install?

If you go to Devices in Laser Window and push “Create Manually” do you get an option for a Ruida controller?

If so, you should be covered at least in terms of license and LB install.

No, there is no option for the Ruida, so I opted for GRBL-LPC. I downloaded a fresh version as I thought I may have to use 2 different installs 1 for diode and 1 for Ruida

FYI, there was no need to purchase a full DSP license. There is an “Upgrade” license available that adds DSP support to your existing Gcode license. But, beings you did purchase the full upgrade, all you need to do is remove your existing license from your machine and install the new one.

In Help/License Management, click the Deactivate License button. I believe this will then Restart LightBurn and it will have no license. Simply go back to Help/License Management and there will be a text box where you can enter your new license and activate it.

Fantastic Steve all up and working, thank you very much for your help. Will contact admin to see if they will add a year on. I take it then that my diode is still covered under this licence? Once again thank you

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The DSP license is a GCode license with DSP devices added to it, so it works for both.

Yes, as Oz said, the DSP has all the capabilities of the GCode license, it just adds the ability to talk to DSP controllers as well. Glad you got it sorted out.

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