Licence not "sticking" and default not sticking. It's like the software resets each time. version 0.9.15

I couldn’t see another report of this, so started a new post.

When I open lightburn on my windows 10 machine, it is not saving my licence. I’ve started getting warnings that it’s due for renewal, but not for another 30 days. Then when I put my licence in again, it defaults to a different setup.

I am not connected to the laser with this version, but have not had this issue since I bought it 2 years ago.

I’ve given up and activated a trial version for now, so that I can continue. My other machine (the one connected to the machine) doesn’t have this issue. Might be connected to the corel draw export script?


I do see that, thank you. The part that is confusing so I wanted to double-check, you are the only one reporting this.

I am trying to find out what you have that is unique and try to understand the issue so we can reproduce here. We can not currently, so any additional information that you can think of will be helpful.

I have activated a trial version, but will see if I can replicate it when I get home again tonight by putting in my licence key.

It may have something to do with the Corel draw script, as I’m not having this issue with the other machines.

Ok. So, I thought it had fixed itself after I updated to 0.9.16, but apparently not. I just started up lightburn after getting home from work, and was presented with this! I’ve just recently renewed my licence, so this was a surprise, I’ll tell you. LOL

I was using it last night until 2am, and my computer shut down successfully, with no errors, so I have no idea what’s going on.

I did click the trial button when it was all going odd shaped, as it’s a pain in the butt to have to go locate my licence and put it in, and also to test to see if it kept reverting, so could it be a windows 10 pro issue in the registry?

I put my actual licence key in the software and was able to open it without issue 3 times. Hopefully this time is sticks, but I wanted to do a follow up.

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