Licence portal not sending reset email

I cannot access the license portal. I have tried following the instructions and resetting my password multiple times, but I haven’t received any reset emails. I’ve checked my spam and promotions folders, but there’s no sign of the reset email anywhere. I also reached out to support and only received an automatic reply. Can anyone help here?

Is it possible that you originally registered with an entirely different email address? I’d check your other email accounts if available to you.

Support is quite good about getting back to you but depending on when you did this it may take some time.

Support just got back with the off line file, all sorted and running now,

Sorry let me rephrase that, I got the software working with the offline computer, which was my main concern… but I still can´t access the licence portal and I am sure of the email account used to register…

thanks again!

I’d suggest circling back with support on that as they can see what’s going on behind the scenes.

I can see the two activations on your License Key. One in the USA and one in Spain.
The email address you used to sign up on the Forum is attached to your key. You should be able to Log in to the License Portal with the email address you used here.

The password for the Forum and for the Ecommerce / sales site won’t necessarily be the same password as the one used for the License Portal. If you’ve never used the License Portal you may need to reset your password there to recover access.

I’ve utilized the same email address for both the E-commerce platform and the forum. I recognize that the password is distinct. Initially, I attempted to access the portal using my E-commerce credentials, but it was unsuccessful and I had to sign up to gain entry to the forum. However, I’m currently encountering issues accessing the licence portal, as it is not sending the reset password email, as mentioned in my initial post above.

Incidentally, I am uncertain about the meaning of the two activations on my license key. Up to now, we have only activated this key on one device, which is an offline computer located here in Spain.

It seems that the Windows 7 device that was activated earlier today was completed by a team member in New Jersey. This may be the reason it is showing activation in the USA. Nothing to worry about.

The other device is showing as a Windows 10 Laptop in Spain. This one was activated shortly after the key was purchased in Late September.

Please check your Junkmail or Spam folder for the email to reset your password.
Some email providers over-filter spam messages and block senders but I hope that is not the case here.

I have dropped a note into your support ticket linking this thread reiterating your concerns. I believe you should hear back within a few hours.

Okay, so I believe using the other device (Windows 10 laptop) might have been a mistake, and I assume we can address that once we gain access to the license portal.

As mentioned in my initial post, I have thoroughly checked the Junk Mail, Spam, or Promotions folders many times for the password reset email, but it’s not there.

I will now wait for a response from support.

Much appreciated,

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