License Activation issues

Is anyone else having issues with LB. My license is good until the end of the year but since doing he last update to 1.4.02
every once and a while I get a message telling me that my Free Trial is up and to buy a license. I place my license # in the box and hit Activate and it works again for a few days.

I don’t know how the authorization settings work internally, so I can’t help you here. It should not be doing what you describe.

I run 1.4.02 myself and have not had any problems with it…

Maybe @berainlb could advise on this issue…


A Windows update may have caused an issue, but we are not getting multiple reports, as one would expect if the License system was having issues. If this continues, you can drop back from this version and run an older version, where you did not observe this behavior.

We have a newer update in the works that we plan to release in the coming days, which might be worth a look as well. If you’d like, you can try it as a Public Beta or just wait until we release.

This sounds like you may be having issues connecting to the Lightburn Lic Server, check your firewall is not blocking access.

Updating the OS or changing a significant piece of hardware can cause this - basically the license system uses a “digital fingerprint” made up of a bunch of info about your computer to figure out which computers it’s on. If enough “stuff” changes, it can make the license server think you’re on a new computer.

So, if you’ve had a few OS updates in a row, or swapped a hard drive or graphics card, that could do it.

It can also happen if you’re on a school or company computer that has a restrictive security policy that prevents it from writing the info it needs to your user profile, or if you’re logging on to the same computer as a different user, or you have a “floating license” that wasn’t installed correctly.

Any of these sound like they might be it?

No I haven’t had any up dates to my OS system and I’m using the same computer I have used for the past 3 years in my home. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the new release and see what happens. Thanks Guys for the input…

One of the issues I always had with Windows, is it likes to update in the background… Then rolls in the fix on the next boot…

I doubt your Windows 10 is still running without patches or some kind of updates in 3 years…? But I’ve been surprised before …


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