License de-activated, and entering licenses says activation limit reached?


I was using Lightburn less than 2 hours ago… and then I went to launch it just now and it says I’m not activated, so I re enter my key and it says my activation limit has been reached?

Is there an issue with the license server atm? How can I clear activations? Yes I have it activated on 2 machines… the one I am talking about now and one connected to my laser, that I can’t use atm due to the top-wisdon situation.

But none of that should matter as I was using on this machine a few hours ago…

Any idea?


I would suggest emailing directly versus waiting for them to find your post in the forum. When I had to email them about a license issue, they were very quick to respond and helped me solve me issue very fast:

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Good idea Doug, just emailed now.
Cheers :slight_smile: