LICENSE EXPIRED and library now blank

Hello, i went to use light burn today, it came up with license valid but expired 8-20-23. Now i have been using since then (two days ago as matter of fact) and now it is blank. my main concern is, if i renew license, will all my files repopulate that i had saved in light burn library as they are no longer showing? or do i have to repopulate the library from my saved files on computer? if the second one is the option, why does it delete everything and no warning.

License expiry is unrelated to library availability so there’s likely something else going on.

Are you referring to the Art Library or Material Library? In either case, have you tried reloading those library files? They may have simply been unloaded.

i didnt think they were connected, but it is like i have a trial version of lightburn. everything went blank, art, material, all of it is gone.

i even had to reconnect my laser like i just downloaded lightburn for the first time.

Try going to File->Load Prefs Backup. Then load a backup from when things were working correctly.

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