License expired?

Hi all,

This week i’ve used Lightburn 3 times and each time i get a warning about license key expired or system clock tampered with??

The clock has not been touched BTW.

Thats not the exact message as it disappears but its only started this week?

Is there a reason?

Did your license expire? What was the date you bought it? Updates are good for one year.

Renewals are here:

My error - i thought it was lifetime purchase.

I’ll get a new one.

It says i need an existing license key but my key has disappeared?

How do i continue please?

Find the original email they sent you the key, copy that key and paste it in where it asks. That’s the quickest way.

Luckily i wrote it down - changed email apps etc since then but it worked and new key is on its way :slight_smile:

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How long does it take to arrive??

There is no new key for a renewal. Our system will add one year to your existing key. We manually run the script that processes this a few times a day. Once you receive the “order fulfilled email” you will know it has been processed. It may take up to 24 hours for this to happen.

Ok thanks, i’ll wait for the email :slight_smile:

I also was under the impression that the license would be forever and it would just stop updating.
From the email:
“This license allows free updates for 365 days after activating,
however the software will continue to work forever.”

The error I receive tells me that this is not the case and my license has expired.

And yet you don’t post the error…

Your impression is correct. The license allows you to use LightBurn forever. I addition, when you purchase a license, we give you all updates for the first 365 days from your license key activation at no additional cost to you. If you want to continue to receive updates beyond that, a renewal fee must be paid. This renewal will provide you with another 365 days of updates.

What error message are you getting? Typically we present you with an informational “Notification” of the status of your “update access” once you have reached the expiry date, but it is only a notification. You should be able to simply click the ‘OK’ button on that screen and continue to use LightBurn. Is this not working for you?

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I have renewed and its all up and running nicely again so this is not a rant etc but…

I would much rather like not to have the warning popup at all, maybe just once only.

Its a bit of a nag and also popped up when i tried to send a file to my laser - another nag.

Nag screens are a pain in the rear-end, I would be fine with no updates and no nag screens/popups, if I then go to check for updates - this is the point it should popup.

Damn good software otherwise though :wink:

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This is in fact saying it is an error message. Please excuse your condescending remark. Your comment is not helpful or adding to content or context of this post.

Thank you Rick. I have posted what is showing as an error message above. Possibly the text of the message to reflect a notification rather?

The wording in that message has been changed already. It was initially just reporting whatever the license system returned.

Rick is correct that the software will continue to work - you should only get the message once if you are using version 0.9.04. There were a few things in the system that were cleaned up recently.

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I didn’t know that renew only pay $30.00 so when I saw it expired, I bought a new licensed key with full price $80.00. What can I do?

Diep, please send an email explaining what you did and reference this post. Send to: support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can help you sort this from our end.

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