License expired

suddenly today i have a license expired message and i can no longer use LB…why???

Are you running version 9.07? LightBurn had an issue with the renewal process that has since been resolved. Download the latest version and you should be set.

Searching this forum will bring up a few posts that talk about this in detail.

no it was 09.04

strange when the license expired message came up i could no longer cut

changning my file from black to red then back to black again seems to have resolved it

I am unaware of losing the ability to “cut” in any version of LightBurn that has been released. If you see this behavior in the future, please provide as much information as you can so we can try to reproduce on our end.

Here is some more info about the renewal issue and the resolution.

From the 9.05 release announcement: LightBurn 0.9.05 - Variable Text, Image Enhancement, CorelDraw Macro, – LightBurn Software

First things first - License renewals, and an apology

It was brought to our attention that a few expired licenses had caused LightBurn to stop working for some customers, and it seemed they were being forced to renew. This was never our intention, so to correct that, this release will work for any customer, whether your license expired before it was released or not. Of course we’d love it if you choose to renew to continue getting new features, but it should be your choice.

The license screen has been updated a bit to make it clearer that an expired license is still a valid one, and to improve some other functionality and messages.

Recommend you upgrade to the latest release which is 9.07 as of this post.

The issue was that the code I used to display error messages from the license system was treating the license_expired code as an error as well. It would pop up a box and get in your way, but if you kept clicking OK, it would let you carry on (though it was very annoying).

The bigger issue was that it wasn’t possible to activate a new system with an expired license - that and the annoying message have all been corrected as of 0.9.05, and 0.9.05 to 0.9.07 were all back-dated so even someone with an expired license could install and use them.

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