License key cant find activation key

I purchased Light burn in march and just had a computer crash, Went thru emails and can not find activation key, here is transaction from my purchase please help!!! Debit Purchase -Visa Sp Lightburn Sofhttpslightbuca 03/06 Card 6472

Last 4 of card
last 4 of card6472

Transaction date

Transaction time
7:04 p.m.


You can also log into the License Portal (<–Click here for instructions) and see your license key, as well as remove old activations etc. You’ll need to use the e-mail you purchased the license under, but your license info will show up there.

Looking now…


Without publishing your email address… I’m going to suggest that your license is tied to your Yahoo email address and not the address you used on the forum.

If it can’t be found there, please use the Yahoo address on the License Portal page.

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