License key help

Why is nobody responding to my emails i paid 60 dollars and received no key and nobody is answering emails.NOT HAPPY AT ALL

I’ll look at the support desk email right away.

The most common reason for this is that for some customers our messages fall into a spam filter provided by their email service or server. Please do check your Spam folder and I’ll check our end.

I’ll assume you used the same email to sign up on the forum as you did to email Support. We’ll get this handled right away.

I’m fairly confident that they would have gotten back to you swiftly but I’ll check.

I see that you responded to the automated order message 16 minutes ago.

Boss is on it…

You’re not the only one unhappy here - given your behavior, I’m tempted to refund your key and part ways. I counted 17 angry / escalating emails within about 2 hours, and now a forum post, so maybe you’re not be the kind of customer we want to deal with in the long term. I hope I wrong and you’re just having a bad day.

Your key was sent the moment you ordered, and I replied immediately after your first email. I know our support lead got you sorted over PM, but it’d be worth checking your spam folder, and checking to make sure your inbox isn’t full or something else that would be beyond our control. You could also just log in to your account on our website and see your key there - it’ll show up as part of your order.

In the future, try to remember that the people you’re yelling at are human beings, and whatever thing you’re angry about might not be their fault in the first place.

The Lightburn crew has to be the fastest group I have ever dealt with. Even in store shopping is slower than what you get from them.
I have dealt with them twice and both times I was shocked at the response time.
Out of my 2 dealings with them I only had a slight problem as in, I paid for my license and didn’t have time to get out of my chair and get a beer before I had my number.

Maybe a public apology would be in order.

I never got any emails and cannot get key on your site.and nothing is in spam folder.colen sent me key and said none of your email went through but i got a receipt for 60 dollars using that email.

This has been resolved via DM, as such this post will be locked.